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Tricks of the Mind

"Karate is a lifetime marathon." I have watched myself take part in this marathon for many years. As a person who expects a lot and demands much more of myself, I have tried to objectively assess where I am in relation to the finish line. Am I ahead? Am I falling behind? Have I hit the wall?

In the scheme of things, these measures don't really mean anything. They are helpful only as motivators. They are, in a sense, tricks of the mind, just as the phrase "lifetime marathon" is a trick of the mind. When one finishes, one finishes with life. So, the marathon is ongoing. I place one foot ahead of the other, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Sometimes my steps are graceful and sometimes I'm like a baby just learning to walk. There is so much to learn from the marathon: to never give up, to pace myself, to be honest with myself. I need to push. Life has gotten complicated. Excuses come easily. At this stage of the marathon, I see a wall in front of me. I need to muster the will to break through it - even though it exists only in my mind.


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