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The Next Small Steps

In a word, what has stuck in me forever is this continuing and lifelong interest in "Karate is Zen" - moving meditation, and how our energy (mind/body/spirit) is at one, focused on and at the moment, and can be channeled automatically to move forward to deal with lifeís challenges, whether itís a physical attack, stress at work, illness, etc. 

"Step first. Use the mirror. Donít blink. Just do it! Basic MATH (mass, acceleration, torque, hip). Chin down. Sugar." And most important, "Move forward." I hear such phrases or words of encouragement again and again, and my mind/body/spirit needs to repeatedly hear it as much as it needs the workout. I look forward to continued learning to allow the kata and techniques to flow "automatically" over the next six or more years of practice and focus - the next small steps.


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