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Journey as Destination

Many aspects of karate are capable of being explained by science. Elements of power, foundation, body mechanics, breathing, and range of motion (to name but a few) can be "broken down" and explained as components of the larger whole. I have spent years pouring over these individual elements, attempting to wring from then all their information and put those pieces of knowledge together with others in the puzzle so that the entire picture may become clear.

Is it clearer? Yes, but totally clear? No. Itís almost as if the more I know, the more I know I donít know. Iíve come to realize that no amount of knowledge will explain everything. And further still, to be thankful for it!

"Lifetime Marathon" means perseverance in the asking of questions despite the knowledge that the answers shall remain elusive. It means having faith in the process of asking. It is the "journey as destination" rather than expecting to arrive - and doing so NOT with concern that the end shall not be reached, but rather with joy and vigor that we have yet another day to seek the truth.


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