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Calligraphy - Master Ueshiro "Invited by the United States."  From a Sept. 9, 1962 newspaper article, "Karate Crosses the Pacific Ocean."




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Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro   
1962 - 2012 Commemorative Coin

We are proud to offer a newly-minted silver coin to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro arriving in the United States. Designed by Black Belt Jonathan Cohen, this silver-plated coin shows a detailed portrait of Grand Master Ueshiro on the front and the official seal of Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA on the reverse.   


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This coin has been struck in a limited edition of 99 copies, and is being offered to members of USRKUSA as a fund-raiser to off-set the costs of printing the 50th Anniversary Journal due for release in the Summer of 2012. 

To order one or more coins at $35 each, please email Kyoshi Mackay with your name, shipping address and the number of coins you would like to purchase.  Taxes and shipping are included.  Or you may use your credit card via PayPal.


I am going to teach karate to the American people the way it was taught to me.

Master Ansei Ueshiro, Sept. 9, 1962