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Shotei-uke (palm heel block) from kata Rohai

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Calligraphy - "Gan" - The eye triggers movement

Key points on demonstrating kata

The following are some key principles to strive for when performing kata, whether in class or in front of a large audience.  There are certainly more aspects to consider, but keeping these in mind as you practice will help you perform well whenever you are on the spot. 

Sensei Karen Brophy, Co-Shihan  
Ueshiro Bushi Dojo, Santa Monica


  • Take your time. This is your moment to show your best form!

  • Show every move. 

  • Relax.

  • Show speed and power. Remember, speed is how quickly you execute each move, not how quickly you go from move to move. 

  • At the end of each move, show the tension, then relax and move on to the next move. Timing between moves should be two seconds (or 1, 1000, 2, 1000).

  • Breathe.

  • Don't rush the Kata!! (I said that 2x on purpose). 

  • Keep moving. If you make a mistake, don't start over - finish the kata!

  • Show courtesy.



Test Requirements

Demonstration of all kata up to and including those introduced at student's current rank (chart). 


Regular class attendance and fulfillment of minimum time requirements at current rank.


Proper courtesy and respect.


Typewritten paragraph on any topic relevant to student's training.


Command of Shorin-Ryu history and vocabulary appropriate to student's rank.


Test fee.


Demonstration of special exercise oyo-tan-ren - students testing for Yon-kyu.


Demonstration of yaku-soku kumite (pre-arranged fighting) - students testing for Yon-kyu and above.


Demonstration of tameshiwari (breaking technique) - students testing for Yon-kyu, Ni-kyu or Dan levels.


Demonstration of bunkai (kata application) - students testing for San-kyu and above.


Demonstration of ju kumite (freestyle sparring) - students testing for Sho-dan and above.


All black belt testing will be at the discretion of Hanshi Robert Scaglione.



      1. Minimum time requirements and test fees    (click here to submit fees electronically)

Testing for

  Time at prior rank

 Minimum      Class per Wk


First green tip

  2 - 4 months 2 $ 10
Seocnd green tip 4 - 6 months 2 20
Green belt   6 months - 1 year 3 60
Brown tips   6 months - 2 years 3 30
Brown belt   1 - 2 years 3 80
Black tips   1 - 3 years 4 40
Black belt     1 - 3 years*    

 * Discretion of Hanshi Robert Scaglione.

2.  Breaking and pre-arranged fighting requirements

Testing for


Open-hand break

Pre-arranged fighting

Green belt

  three 1-inch boards 1st         
Brown belt   four 1-inch boards 1st - 3rd
Black belt (1st degree)   one cement block 1st - 4th
Black belt (2nd degree and above) two or more cement blocks